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The Importance of Recycling Plastic

Plastic is everywhere. It’s in water bottles and packaging of all shapes and sizes. When it’s nearly impossible to avoid plastic in everyday life, it’s important to realize the impact of producing waste and find ways to reduce wastage as much as possible. Plastic is a huge proportion of waste in the United States, making up approximately 12 percent of all waste.

Reasons to Recycle

Most cities now give the option to recycle. When you think about the fact that plastic often takes hundreds of years to break down, it makes the decision whether or not to recycle an easy one. If your city doesn’t offer a recycling bin and recycling services, take the plastic to a recycling center in your area. When you choose to recycle instead of simply tossing the plastic into the garbage, you’ll save yards of space in landfills and reduce your carbon footprint.

Ways to Reduce Plastic Use

If you’re hoping to use less plastic, look for materials that are marked as post-consumer products. Using recycled products whenever possible can quickly add up to make a positive difference in the environment.

What to do With Plastic

If you don’t have a recycling service at your home, make every effort to hang on to plastic products so you can recycle the materials. If you have plastic that you’re interested in disposing of responsibly, call Bruce Metal & Salvage.