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How To Teach Kids About Recycling

Helping to take care of and preserve the environment is an important thing to teach younger generations, and the sooner you start teaching them, the better. Here are three tips to help teach kids about recycling.

Make It Fun

Help kids learn how to repurpose and recycle items. Empty canisters can become a drum set, scratched compact discs can become a shiny wind spinner and torn clothes can be used for rags, dog toys and doll clothes.

Make It Relevant

Kids may not understand what happens once the garbage truck takes their trash away. Schedule a field trip to a local landfill as well as a recycling center so kids can learn the journey of their garbage, and so that they can understand the importance of reducing their carbon footprint.

Get Them Involved

Work with kids to create recycling bins for your home or for school, and help them figure out how to implement a recycling plan for their classroom. Finding ways for kids to get involved in recycling can help teach them the importance of this task.
Teaching kids to recycle now may pay off in the future, as children can inherit a happier, cleaner and overall healthier planet. To learn more ways to teach kids about recycling, call Bruce Metal & Salvage.