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Five Reasons You Should Recycle Glass Products

Glass is unique in a way that it can be recycled again and again without diminishing in quality. This novel characteristic makes it essential to modern manufacturing. From preserving and producing a valuable raw material to helping out the environment, here are five reasons you should be sure to salvage your glass items.
1.    Each ton of glass that is recycled can actually produce more than a ton of natural resources. Melting down this versatile substance produces tens of hundreds of pounds of sand, limestone, feldspar and soda ash.
2.    The process of recycling glass does not produce forms of extra waste, such as gaseous emissions and other byproducts.
3.    For every 10 percent of salvaged glass used to manufacture new products, energy efficiency is increased by about 2-3%.
4.    Using recycled glass reduces carbon dioxide emission significantly, cutting CO2 emissions by 1 ton for every 6 tons of salvaged material. Other substances that are reduced include nitrogen oxide, sulfur oxides and various particulates.
5.    Including recovered glass in production is easier on manufacturing equipment than producing it "from scratch," because it lowers the melting point by about 200 degrees Fahrenheit.
Interested in finding an easy way to recycle glass products and even get some money back for your items? Call Bruce Metal & Salvage to learn more.