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Finding Brass for Scrapping

Brass scrapping
Recycling metals at a scrap metal yard is a great way to bring in some extra cash. While you can scrap all kinds of metals, one of the most abundant is brass. Brass is in all kinds of places around the home, making it one of the easiest metals to scrap for profit.

Of course, if you are new to scrapping, having an idea of where to look and how to find real brass can be helpful.

HVAC-Related Materials

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems typically contain plenty of brass, often in the form of fixtures and fittings. Thus, if you work in the field, you should have access to a lot of brass. If your employer gives permission or if you work for yourself, you can easily collect these materials and scrap them for cash.

In fact, even if you're not in the HVAC field, you can contact local people and/or businesses that are and inquire about picking up their scrap brass from them. Many companies will gladly give you their unneeded brass material if you're just willing to come take it off their hands.

No matter how you get it, brass is very easy to find within the HVAC industry.

Bullet Casings

Did you know that some bullets have brass casings? Those casings, as mangled as they may be, can bring in money at a scrap yard.

Thus, if you like to shoot, collecting your bullet casings when you're done can quickly add up to a nice collection of brass you can scrap. This is especially true if you ask other shooting enthusiasts, such as friends or family members, for their casings too.

Or if you live near a shooting range, inquire about picking up brass bullet casings from them.

Kitchen Goods and Cookware

Sometimes, taking a careful look around your kitchen can lead to finding more brass than you’d expect. For example, a lot of cookware contains brass or is made entirely of brass. The same is true for some other kitchen items.

You will more than likely find brass in decorative kitchen items since this material is used more for looks than it is for cooking food.

As an added bonus, you can often find copper in your cookware too, so you might get more metal than you bargained for by doing a thorough search of your kitchen.

Door Knobs

Surprisingly, a lot of door knobs are made from good, solid brass. If you plan on replacing any brass door knobs, add them to your scrap metal collection.

Many people also enjoy going to discount home goods stores and thrift stores and buying used door knobs at low prices. The trick is to pay less for the item than you can earn by scrapping it, thereby creating a profit.

With a little negotiating and a good eye for brass, you can easily find and scrap quite a bit of brass this way.

In fact, scrap brass is a lot more abundant than most people think. If you want an easy way to earn some extra money, try these surefire methods for collecting brass. Once you have your brass, all you have to do is take it to a good scrap recycling facility that pays a good, fair price for brass and other items.

One such facility is Bruce Metal & Salvage, a great connection to have if you always want to be paid top dollar for the scrap you bring in. Bring in your brass and other scrap metal to our recycling center, or talk to us about the free industrial containers we provide for collecting scrap.